Friday, March 13, 2009

25 Things to do before I turn 25

Here's my list for the 365 days before I turn 25. I'll be happy if I get to half of these!

25 Things to do before I turn 25

  1. Go back to NYC to see if my feelings changed for the city since I last went there (when I was 16)
  2. Finally learn how to knit
  3. Re-read The Grapes of Wrath
  4. Go to 2 Broadway shows (1 in SF, 1 in NYC)
  5. Publish (or print and bind) a copy of my Book of Haikus entitled SLI
  6. Distribute said haiku book to local coffee shops
  7. Create a scrapbook of my life since I’ve turned 20
  8. Go skydiving (again!)
  9. Read one of my poems at an open-mic
  10. Go to 3 sporting events
  11. Go camping at Big Basin for a weekend
  12. Go white water rafting
  13. Choose (& apply!) to a graduate school
  14. Take hula dance/Polynesian dance classes
  15. Act in another play
  16. Learn how to silk screen clothing
  17. Create a clothing/t-shirt line
  18. I will NOT cut my hair for a year
  19. Learn how to cook 3 new Filipino dishes
  20. Learn how to use Photoshop
  21. Go on a hot air balloon ride around Napa Valley
  22. Go wine tasting
  23. Take an art class at a junior college
  24. Go to a large outside concert
  25. Conquer my fear of spiders (ambitious!)

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